Boston Rock #106
Record Reviews
If, in the past, armies of musicians have thrown on paisley vests, run their guitars through a little reverb, and labelled it psychedelia, that will no longer do. Enter the pleasant confusion of Miracle Room. On their four song EP, guitarist/vocalist Stephen Marsh spits out pulsing lyrics and delay-soaked guitar lines, and the instruments and vocals blend in and out of each other as if, in the land of Miracle Room, everything comes and goes of its own will. On the truly surreal "Window Pain," Marsh's voice grinds darkly as he deals with confusion. "It's time for a cigarette and I don't even smoke," he riddles. On "These Are My Friends," Marsh's blurt of "Okay!" stuck on infinite repeat forms the beat of the song. Against it are stacked some of the heaviest, most threatening drums ever to come forth on record. Marsh's vocals and strained, distorted guitar join in an electric pool of unrest. The final track, "Untitled," is Miracle Room at its most mystical. Drummer Rock Savage taps and beats steel pipes and assorted metal, all churning against Marsh's moans and half-spoken words. Like all the other songs on this EP, "Untitled" gradually closes to a whisper, leaving you shaken, nervous, and very satisfied.

Scott G. Burnham