Best-Of Issue: Best Local Band
Dance of Danger Last month at the snotty nightclub M.K., Miracle Room (with Yuval Gabay standing in on drums for the ailing Rock Savage) seduced a skeptical crowd of club kids, tourists, b-boys, and art hags with overwhelming layers of beats-- African beats on industrial drums, punk-rock beats on water jugs, salsa percussion with broken electronic toys. The unsuspecting crowd gaped at the stunning visuals (heaps of useful noise-making rubble onstage, a scary shower of sparks when they took a circular saw to an old enamel stove) and then responded with their asses. Born in Austin, this trio has been here long enough to become New Yorkers, cut a four-song EP, and make the abrasive accessible to people who don't think they like this kind of stuff. On the down side, the vocals are still thin and colorless. Maybe they're following a trail blazed by Einsturzende Neubaten--but the Germans were never this catchy or funky. Miracle Room play the Knitting Factory Fri., Oct. 5.