CMJ Futures...Jackpot!
Miracle Room is three guys from Austin who've recently relocated to Manhattan, and this tape chronicles live performances both in TX and NY. Wildly hypnotic and inventive, the polyrhythmic eye of their storm is created by the percussive talents of all three members, who slap away at such devices as pipe (like for plumbing), water bottle, oil drum, and door. Each member manages to create his own pulse without stepping on the other players' toes, improvising a wall of indestructible beats. The finishing touches to these pagan rituals of the naturally hallucinating are supplied by a guitar or bass sound that's more liable to resonate endlessly than play chords, as well as echoed/reverbed vocal utterings that sometimes seem to speak in tongues. If Einsturzende Neubauten suddenly began to enjoy the smell of flowers and the sound of birds, if Savage Republic stayed out in the desert sun a bit longer than they already have, if the Buttholes got more artsy or if the Reverb Motherfuckers had Sun Ra on their side, then you might have something resembling Miracle Room. Here are some suggestions to start you on your listening journey: "Get A Job", "These Are My Friends", "Zen Dog", and "Nose Job."